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What is My Mirror 360?

My Mirror 360 is an innovative self-awareness app designed to provide automated, unfiltered, and continuous feedback from multiple perspectives in your workplace. It empowers you to see your "360 Mirror Image" and Self-awareness report to drive your own growth.

How is My Mirror 360 different?

It's made for you, not your HR. It provides simple, sincere, and truly 360-degree feedback loop through auto-generated and anonymous reflections. It aggregates up to 36 perspectives you choose - anyone you work with, including clients - for your own self-awareness at work. No politics, no managers, and no HR in the middle.

How do you help me excel at work?

My Mirror 360 provides you with valuable insights (in near real-time!) into your strengths, weaknesses, and blind spots at work, enabling you to identify areas for improvement and take control of your professional growth. All without involving your manager or HR in the process.

Is the app more suitable for individual contributors or team leaders?

Both - My Mirror 360 caters equally to individual contributors and team leaders. All of us at work can benefit from self-awareness about how others see us and how we can improve.

Can I share my Mirror 360 score with current and future employers?

Yes, but we highly discourage you from doing so. For one, M360 scores are generated by your current selection of reflectors and thus have no predictive value as to what your score may look like in a different setting. The score is not meant as a badge or a label, but rather as a temporary reflection of your efforts within your current circumstances and teams.

Can My Mirror 360 help me enhance my work skills?

Absolutely! By receiving honest and timely feedback from colleagues and clients - both quantitatively, but also in the form of honest commentary - you can identify opportunities to improve your skills, including communication, leadership, and interpersonal skills.

How often would teammates be asked to reflect on me?

Depending on how closely you indicate you work together, your teammates may reflect just once every several weeks to several months. Our algorithmic polling perfectly balances the need for fresh feedback with ensuring your teammates never feel fatigued by the gentle, occasional ask.

How long does it take for my teammates to complete a reflection?

Reflectors (the teammates whose opinion matters to you) have a week to respond to an invitation to reflect. To complete a reflection, they will need anywhere between 30 seconds and a couple of minutes, depending on whether and how much they may want to say in the open feedback field.

How do you gather the feedback?

The process is simple. You choose whose perspective matters. My Mirror 360 will discreetly ask via email for a quick reflection on a rotating basis. Reflectors will know that responses are anonymous and meant for your self-awareness at work (you can view our simple, standardized 360 reflection in the app tour).

What if my reflectors don't reflect on me?

There are two primary ways to ensure maximum reflectivity of your Mirror 360. First - ensure you include the right people in your mirror - teammates who truly work with you and know you well. Second - verify that their email is not unintentionally flagging 360 reflections as spam.

How do you empower honesty in feedback?

The feedback process via My Mirror 360 is completely anonymous - enough reflectors need to complete their reflections, before you can see any results. Further, we remind your teammates that feedback via your Mirror 360 is for your eyes only and that honest reflections are the best way for you to improve.

How much does My Mirror 360 cost?

My Mirror 360 is currently available by invitation code only. Invited users will not need to pay anything to use the app. Invitation codes could be obtained by responding to a reflection invitation from a coworker via My Mirror 360 or by joining our waitlist now.

What type of reports or analytics does the app provide?

The app offers innovative visualization of your "mirror image" at work, intuitive heat maps that highlight your strengths, weaknesses, trends and progress over time and other analytics. You can view a sample Self-Awareness Report in the app tour above.

How is my Mirror 360 score calculated?

The calculation of the M360 score is based on the opening question in our 360 reflection survey: "How is [YOU] working lately?". Most recent 360 reflections matter more than older ones, which drop off the calculation altogether after 200 days.

What if I encounter technical issues while using the app?

My Mirror 360 has a dedicated support team that can assist you with any technical problems or questions you may have. Via the app, you will be able to write directly to one of our dedicated staff.

Can teams or organizations use My Mirror 360 app?

Yes. Anyone can benefit from self-awareness at work via honest, timely, truly-360 feedback. Organizations may encourage employees to open their own Mirror 360, as this tool empowers growth and development without expensive management interventions or trainings.

Can I customize the questions asked in the 360 reflection?

No. Part of what makes My Mirror 360 easy to use is that we've created our 360 reflections with simplicity and standardization in mind. However, your reflectors have the ability to provide any other feedback in the form of comments.

Can I pause reflection requests to teammates?

Yes. While your Mirror 360 runs in the background to continuously, occasionally solicit fresh perspectives, you always have the option to pause survey requests from your settings screen.

Can I send follow-up questions or clarifications to those who provided feedback?

Due to our promise of anonymity, no secondary feedback requests can be initiated. Reflectors must feel comfortable being honest and even blunt - for that reason, reflections are one-way feedback signals.

Can I use the app with my work email?

Yes, though we highly recommend using your personal email to setup your Mirror 360. This way, you can preserve your account uninterrupted even if you leave your current employer.

Can I transfer my existing account to a different email?

Yes. To do so, log into your account, go to settings and open the "profile" tab. Add the new email under other email addresses; then make it your primary email. You can than delete the old email.

Can I remove a reflector without losing her feedback up to date?

Yes. Any feedback provided in the past remains for your consideration and your self-awareness benefit, even if you decide to replace or remove a reflector. This is also true if you decide to change the email of a reflector by effectively replacing the prior entry.

Can I change my mind and remove a teammate as one of my reflectors?

Absolutely! To remove a reflector, click on the reflector to edit and then press delete. Any incomplete reflections already initiated will still be collected for your benefit, and all prior feedback from that reflector will be preserved as part of the aggregated view of you at work.

Who can see the feedback and my M360 score?

No one. Your Mirror score and all insights you receive are available only to you.

How is my personal data and feedback stored and protected?

My Mirror 360 adheres to strict data privacy regulations and employs robust security measures to safeguard your personal information and feedback. Feedback data is only visible to you and never shared with third parties.

How is my reflectors' and my privacy protected?

Your privacy and that of your reflectors is a top priority. With its best-in-class, encrypted ,cloud-based technology My Mirror 360 ensures that your personal data and feedback remain secure. Your personal data and contact information of your reflectors are used exclusively for the purposes of providing the core functionality of the app.

How can I reset my password?

Go to setting from the top right than select password tap and change your password. You'll need access to your email account.

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